Timing is Everything (Timing Belt)

Talk about exquisite choreography; it happens under the hood of your vehicle every time you take a drive.  Your engine’s many complex parts must work exactly together.  One key is a part called a timing belt, which enables the synchronizing of two of your engine’s components, the camshaft, and the crankshaft.  

The timing belt coordinates the valves in your engine to open and close at the appropriate time to get exhaust out of the engine’s cylinders. Timing belts may also power the water pump and the oil pump.  The belt is made of rubber.  Some engines use a timing chain (made of metal). 

Your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends an interval after which you should have your timing belt or chain replaced, and that service should be part of your vehicle’s regular maintenance.  It’s always better to replace it before it breaks rather than after.  After all, if your timing belt breaks while you’re driving down the road, it throws off the whole sync of engine parts and can cause major damage to the type of engines most commonly used in vehicles today.

It's also important to remember that a timing belt is made of rubber, and rubber deteriorates with time, no matter how much use it gets. Have us look at your timing belt to see if it’s time to get it replaced.  

Here are some signs to look for that will let you know if your timing belt is failing. You might have trouble starting your vehicle, it may misfire or black smoke may come out the tailpipe. If you notice any of those symptoms, bring your vehicle in and have us take a look right away.  When it comes to your engine, timing is everything.

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Timing Belt
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